I Can't Believe It's Not Lacquer Grain Sealer-16oz (Pint)

I Can't Believe It's Not Lacquer Grain Sealer-16oz (Pint)

I Can't Believe It's Not Lacquer Spray-On-4oz

  •  No Lacquer smell

  • You're getting four times the resin than solvent-based lacquers !

  • Non Flammable

  • Cures in 3 minutes

  • Lower viscosity than "Brush-On" version

  • Sands incredible!

  • Made in U.S.A.

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LOW ODOR • CURES IN MINUTES • FLAT-SANDS IMMEDIATELY TO WHITE POWDER!  Solarez “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lacquer” SPRAY ON is ideal for a wide variety of woods and cures in less than 5 minutes with exposure to direct sunlight or UV 385nm sunlamp bulbs. It’s suitable for application on any wood, from hardwood to thermally modified wood, as well as most composite materials. ICBINL SPRAY ON is easy to use and can be applied with HVLP gun 1.2mm – 1.4mm tip, 25 psi – 45 psi depending on viscosity:

Heating the resin in a microwave (do-able because this is non flammable, 100% solids, no solvents. NEVER try this with conventional lacquer) will dramatically lower the viscosity of the resin and allow for finer tips or lower pressures.

This high-solids finish cures by chemical reaction and requires fewer coats to achieve 10 mil to 20 mil thickness. Solarez ICBINL UV-cure SPRAY ON cures not by evaporation but by photochemical reaction and fully cures in 3-5 minutes, rather than waiting hours, days or weeks for conventional Lacquer or Nitro.

Before spraying, be certain to clean the surface with an anti-static tack cloth like BASF B-120 on our website . BASF WM-903 is an excellent final wipe to assure coatings free of craters or fish-eye

WHEN YOU BUY A QUART OF THIS PRODUCT, YOU ARE GETTING THE SAME COVERAGE AS A GALLON OF CONVENTIONAL (solvent-based lacquer) SEALER / FILLER. There are no flammable, volatile solvents that evaporate (and pollute) into our atmosphere.



  • 100% SOLIDS! Compare to conventional shellac’s 27% solids content

  • Eco-Friendly Green Technology: Zero VOC, Non-Flammable, Low Carbon footprint. DEEMED L.A.E.R. (Lowest Achievable emission Rate) by the EPA

  • Fills even the deepest grains and flat-sands in minutes.

  • No Waiting! Cures 100% Dry in 3-5 minutes by sunlight or UV suntan bulbs: http://solacure.com/uvcuring.html

  • No shellac Odor! No Dangerous Fumes! No noxious Butyl Acetate, no M.E.K., no ACETONE. NO SOLVENTS AT ALL

  • Cleans Up with acetone or Solarez Eco-Friendly Solvent

  • Amazing Cure Response and Perfect Sanding Results

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